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Sometimes the hardest thing is knowing how to break free from the past and the things that hold you back from being who God created you to be, I can help with that!

I know first hand what it takes to change. I struggled for decades and then I realized I had the power to choose differently and believe differently.

What if you’re not who you think you are?

What if you let go of the lies you’ve believed, broke up with your past, and let go of the shame that’s held you prisoner in your own life for good? Who would you be? Who could you be?

If you’ve struggled with brokenness, shame, trauma and self worth issues, this book will walk you through the core steps you need to get a breakthrough while experiencing God’s radical healing. No matter what you believe about God, yourself, or your future, you won’t be the same after reading this book.

After all, believing a lie is just as powerful as believing the truth!

The Girl In The Garage Book



Hi there, I’m Sharon. A confidence coach and self worth expert for women – I’m here to help you make sense of the stuff that keeps you awake at night.

It shows up in your life in different ways; how you feel and what you believe about yourself, and your abilities. Whether you feel good in your own skin, if you think you’re enough, whether you trust yourself…and the list goes on.

If you struggle with any of those things, I can help. Get to know me here.

You need a coach that’s been through the hard stuff and overcame it, not just read books about it! I’ve done both:)

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Let's Create your confidence strategy!

Private Coaching

Private Coaching from anywhere in the world via Zoom.

Confidence Academy

Faith based personal development, learn from your computer or phone.

Called To Confidence

The only course you need to build your confidence, let go of insecurity, comparison and stop feeling hopeless.

Believing a lie is just as powerful as believing the truth. Let's fill you up with the truth about who you are and what you can do. -Sharon

Resources to get you started...

4 Steps to a more confident YOU!

4 steps to confidence

Imagine yourself feeling more confident, pursuing your goals, and enjoying your life! 

How to work through hard things.

We all go through hard things that are hard to make sense of. I’ll show you how to gain clarity and keep your faith.

"When you start believing the truth about yourself, you'll stop underestimating your value and what you're capable of"


When I first started working with Sharon I was struggling with doubts about my business and my ability to make it a success. Sharon taught me techniques to reshape my thinking and to stop fearing outcomes. She is such a positive and lovely person – very encouraging and accommodating. Working with Sharon gave my self-esteem a great boost and I have taken big steps forward with the renewed confidence I feel. I would be happy to recommend Sharon.
Laura Draper
Owner, Gooseberry Pink
Working with Sharon is a truly a golden opportunity. Her talent and life journey are powerful, you will laugh, tear-up, and become inspired when you hear her speak. And you will find strength, and the power within yourself, through her coaching to move toward the specific purpose that God intends for your life.Sharon has moved me forward through fear, and given me pure faith that I have everything I need right in front of me to succeed. Thank you, Sharon, from the bottom of my thankful heart that you are sharing your talent and purpose with us.
Lisa Torres, Delicious Table
Lisa Torres
Owner, Delicious Table
Working with Sharon Hughes helped me declutter my dreamer brain, get realistic about my vision and put some priorities in place. I am already benefiting from the tricks and tolls she gave me.
Roxanna Grimes
Author, Speaker. The Relationship Warehouse