This is truly one of the most thoughtful and authentic conversations I’ve had in my life. Mike Lenda, CEO of The Well Coffeehouse shares his passion for serving others and the journey he took of learning to define who he really is. 

A little bit about Mike Lenda from his bio is here:

Intersecting purpose with passion is Mike’s personal and professional pursuit, striving to make an impact in communities locally and globally to amplify the voices of those who aren’t being heard. His favorite part of the journey has been the people he’s met and worked with along the way – inspiring and leading teams to create a place where customers, donors and employees feel known, loved and cared for while caring for the world around them. Mike joined The Well after marketing and leadership roles with non-profit organizations Compassion International and Nashville-based Blood:Water. Prior to his experience in non-profit, his career has spanned the entertainment, food and retail industries, including nine years with Starbucks Coffee, both in store operations and leading regional and national marketing strategies throughout the US.

His journey included working for Starbucks, Compassion International and Blood:Water Mission….which came full circle when he was handed a t-shirt that said “creator”. If you’re trying to figure out who you are and where you belong in your leadership journey, this candid conversation will inspire you. Mike is the CEO every company needs!

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Instagram: @MikeLenda