An open letter to my tribe: If you’re reading this I consider you my tribe, you’re here for a reason, perhaps to hear something that will encourage or inspire you and who couldn’t use that? It’s kinda rough out there in that big world.

As the holidays approach I’m getting the usual “what do you want for Christmas” inquiries. My answer is relationships and the love that goes with them. The raw, messy laugh till you cry, cry till you laugh relationships. The laying down of expectations and walls, the complete surrender of self. The heart that’s willing to break wide open with love, joy and hope. The kind that doesn’t quit, doesn’t waiver.

The holidays cause emotions to run high as we are faced with difficult relationships and choices. Be kind to yourself and if this doesn’t apply to you perhaps you know someone that needs a smile, a hug or a coffee date.So here’s my unsolicited advice; be the thing to others that you actually need. Start putting that thing in motion, after all it’s the season of miracles.

Thank you for stopping by, let me know you were here by leaving a comment.

~Wishing you the gift of your heart.

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