Have you ever felt pressure to perform? Whether it’s at work, PTA meetings or on your Instagram, the icky feeling of “not enough” can sneak in and fill you with the pressure to perform.

I’ll never forget the day I had a meeting with the principal of my daughter’s junior high. I had a bone to pick over an out of control bully and I wanted justice. I had just given birth to my oldest son and I was a hot, pissed off, mess-of-a-momma(with major hormonal issues).

I gave my speech and felt the principal wasn’t taking me as serious as I would like. I left his office only to discover I had baby barf down the front of my 4 days of wear sweatshirt. What made this worse is I didn’t have the baby with me for the self explanation. God only knows what that poor man was thinking. Maybe he thought he was next? I’m sure he thought I was on something besides engorged breasts that needed to nurse.

Anyway, long story short I felt the pressure to perform after that by being the perfectly pulled together mom. Because of course that would redeem me from being a barfed on human napkin.

Maybe you can relate to a time when you were oh-so-human and then needed to desperately perform to redeem yourself? It feels like crap doesn’t it?

I’d like to suggest that “Just Today” you don’t give in to the pressure to perform but instead embrace the fact that you are indeed human…and incredibly awesome. Don’t worry about tomorrow, you can save our little pep talk and reapply it tomorrow. And the next day for that matter.

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” Psalm 139:14

Let’s practice self grace, XX