Be still

Be still…the words hung in the air. This time of year, you’ve got to be joking right? I heard myself say it very loudly in my head, so loud I thought the person standing next to me would hear my thoughts. I was standing in a gift shop skimming all the cute holiday gift items and goodies displayed so beautifully when “Be still” interrupted me. The words leaped off a pillow at me and landed hard in my heart. I’ve seen those two simple words a million times before on the usual holiday items just as you have, but this time was different. I had this nagging feeling that it was time to be still and to make it a practice.

To be still requires a conscience effort that isn’t easy to do in a noisy, demanding and over-scheduled world. Besides, your day is probably pretty full from the minute you get out of bed until you drop back in it. If your’e like most people(hand up), when you drop into bed your mind is full of the to do items for the next day and the lingering thoughts of what wasn’t accomplished during the day. But what about the other random thoughts? When I started practicing listening to myself more here’s what I came up with; I’m not very kind to myself. In fact sometimes I say things to myself I would never say to someone else {I blame it on my perfectionism tendencies, which I am admittedly recovering from}. Can you relate to that?

take 5

If you allow yourself to be still and listen what do you hear? I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “what you think, you become”. So here’s the challenge, set aside 5 minutes a day to be still and just simply listen to yourself. The next step is to ask “is it serving you or is it hurting you?” If you find yourself saying negative things stop and ask why am I saying this? Is it true? Is this fact or feelings? Is it fearfully driven? Or do you hear yourself saying more positive things like, “I am resourceful, I can figure this out or I’ve only got one more lap to go and I’m there?” I hope you are hearing the latter but most people I know hear the former and feel they do not measure up. We have such a tendency to be really hard on ourselves and it is just plain unhealthy for our minds.

What’s most important is what you really believe to be true about yourself. That belief will drive you in one direction or another. If you’re struggling in some areas of your life and in-turn not talking very kindly to yourself resolve to start taking care of your mind today. You will experience a greater sense of well being, be able to face challenges with realistic expectations, rest better and have better overall health.  Thoughts can be hard to manage but with practice you can overcome the negative self talk and replace it with positive reinforcements. So go ahead and dare to be still and take time for yourself.

Share with me one thing you discovered when you started listening to yourself.

Sharon Hughes life coach