• 5 ways to un-hurry

    How to Un-hurry this Holiday Season

    How to identify “hurry-sickness” and what to do about it It’s Hurry sickness season, are you immune? The holidays are coming with the endless to do list, followed by the new year and the resolution madness. Does the mere mention of that send you spinning? Ok, let’s take a breath here…and hit the reset button […]


  • 9 keys to put your life back together

    9 Keys to put your life back together

      9 Keys to Put Your Life Back Together(when your falling apart) Life has a way of surprising us, sometimes it’s a good surprise and sometimes it’s not. For those times when life serves something that wasn’t on your menu, I’m sharing with you what I learned on my journey. This is the article I […]


  • What-Happens-When-You-Believe

    What Happens When You Believe

    What happens when you believe something whether it’s true or not? During this time of year, children everywhere are engaging in the debate whether Santa Claus is real or not. The word “believe” became my favorite word many years ago during Christmas. It carries a child-like wonder of the magical holiday season that I found irresistible […]


  • fall beckoning video

    This Isn’t Time For That

    I thought it would be a fun change of pace to send a video message to my newsletter subscribers and it was so fun to make that I decided to post it here also. Click the image to watch or click HERE   The topic picks up in the middle of a conversation about how Fall and […]