brave woman talking honestly

Dare To Be Bravely Honest

I was texting someone the other day and I decided to be Bravely Honest. Sounds risky doesn’t it? Yeah, it is. I was brave enough to be honest with myself and the receiver of the message whom I don’t know well. It was really a “thinking out loud, here it goes, what am I doing?” type of message.  It got me thinking about what it means to be Bravely Honest and the consequences of that.  

When I lead trainings on building communication I always say, “never say anything important in a text” (because of what gets lost in translation). But heck if you’re limited to a text, just do it. I have to clarify I’m referring to saying things that are positive, good, encouraging, and yes heartfelt, even if baring your heart is a bit risky. Let’s face it, when is it ever not risky to bare your heart?  What’s the alternative? What if you didn’t say “it” and you could have changed the world for someone or for yourself? 

Why be bravely honest?

Here’s the scenarios my mind raced through as I thought about the cost of not saying something that feels risky to me, but desperately needed by the receiver.     What if the words are:
  • thought-provoking
  • heartfelt
  • full of dreams
  • well wishes
  • the unknown being questioned
  • the forbidden desires we dare not share
  • a game-changer
  • the magical “what if” scenario
What if it’s completely revolutionary and would change someone’s life or perspective for the better and cause them to grow, dream out loud, and say yes to life’s invitation? What if our risk set them free to be “________?” Why must we give in to the societal dictates or the fears of being misunderstood, labeled as emotional, betrayed or rejected and keep quiet? Can we break out of the fear of that? Can you, can I? Can we risk it? Could we really start practicing Bravely Honest and speak truth and life into people? Thank you for indulging my rant of rhetorical questions. 

Say what you need to say

I subscribe to the school of thought that says “say what you need to say”, thank you John Mayer. What if you didn’t say it and someone walked away and never knew?

It could be anything…

  • you believe in them
  • you love them
  • their dream matters to you
  • you’re sorry
  • you see they’ve got what it takes to make it
  • they matter to you
  • you see them
  • you hear them
  • I’m afraid of  “____” too
  • I’m here for you
  • I’m waiting for you
  • I was wrong
Do you see why that’s revolutionary, why that’s a game changer? It’s like that in the movies; the character hangs up the phone and doesn’t say what the person on the other end needs to hear, but has no idea the other is holding back. They walk away shattered…they give up on “_________.”{their dream, love, a job} Did you fill in the blank for yourself? What do you need to hear from who? Who needs to hear what from you? {I know I sound like Dr. Seuss again}

What is the risk?

Being honest and vulnerable always comes with a risk. What if what you want to say is something that’s burning deep inside your heart, but other people simply don’t understand it? Is that a risk worth taking? We can’t begin to know if they will walk away, sleep on it, or have their “aha” moment? Maybe you’re the messenger that will change their life? Dig deep and say what you need to say and what they need to hear.

Words matter

Words are used every moment of every day and they are one of the most powerful gifts you have. You hold within you the opportunity to change lives, relationships and quite literally your world. How will you use your words today?
You can build up or tear down. You can love or hate. You can open a door or close it. You can say hello or say goodbye.
I told the clerk at Old Navy her lipstick was pretty, she shined after I said it. It costs me nothing but put a big deposit in her life account. Every tiny deed matters, don’t think it doesn’t. Every tiny deed matters, don't think it doesn't. Click To Tweet As you look through your social media stream and listen to the news, pay attention to how many positive messages you hear. Challenge yourself to be a catalyst for speaking truth and speaking life in a Bravely Honest way. I’d love to hear how these questions impacted you. Please leave a comment about how you intend to be Bravely Honest.