Called to Confidence

Confidence Course - Sharon Hughes

Go From Feeling Insecure, like an imposter, and living in comparison – To Feeling More Confident, Secure, and Knowing You Have a Unique Purpose In Just 16 Weeks!

Even if you’ve tried reading self help books, praying, daily affirmations, or other courses and nothing worked!

Do any of these sound familiar?

Are you a faith based woman that struggles with insecurity, confidence, self worth, and believing you’re valuable? Do you want to feel more confident, secure, know you matter, and have a unique God given purpose? Are you ready for your mind to stop replaying disappointments and heart aches, to learn to value and trust yourself  — and stop feeling rejected, insecure and hopeless, while struggling with comparison and imposter syndrome?

The Truth Is:

Most faith based women who struggle with insecurity, confidence, and comparison try to “feel” more confident, they pray and hope they can change, feel more secure, and have a unique purpose, but give up because they don’t feel different, believe they deserve it, and don’t know how to change their thinking and create a Biblical strategy.

But it’s not your fault...I know you’ve tried.

You Want To Feel More Confident, Secure, and Believe You Have a Unique Purpose, But Instead You Struggle with Feeling Rejected, Hopeless and Like You Can’t Change…

The reality is without truly feeling more confident, knowing you matter, and believing you have a unique purpose, you’ll continue to struggle, and it’s not a lack of effort on your part…

Christian Life Coach - Sharon Hughes

And what’s worse is...

If you don’t solve it now — you’ll continue to struggle as the calendar pages turn into years…


You tried reading self help books, and taking other courses, but had no luck because it didn't teach you how to let go of the past and heal your mind Biblically.

You've prayed, or even met with a pastor but nothing changed so you tried to convince yourself you should just get over it, and felt embarrassed that you didn't get a breakthrough.

You even tried pretending you're fine and hiding your feelings, but ended up feeling like a fake and wondering why "you're not like everyone else", and you doubt your faith.

I get it because I’ve been there too!

I struggled with feeling insecure, invisible, and hopeless. I struggled with comparison, imposter syndrome, feeling rejected, and even worse, heartbroken.

I tried reading self help books, praying, meeting with a pastor (and a therapist), but nothing changed. For years I tried to convince myself I should just get over it, and pretend I’m fine (and I did pretend for years, it was awful).

Nothing worked…until the Holy Spirit asked me one simple question…that’s when everything changed for me. I learned how to accept myself, develop a strong self-worth, I knew I mattered and didn’t need to compete or compare myself to others. I stopped wondering if I deserve to be loved and have good things.

Once I figured this out my life changed forever!

I was able to make decisions based on my values, stop people pleasing, feel calmer, turn off my racing mind, and accept how uniquely God created me for His purpose and begin living it out!

I want that for you too!

(Or 3 payments of $267)

That’s why I created a program for faith based women who struggle with insecurity, confidence, comparison, and believing they’re valuable; who want to feel more confident, know you matter, believe you have a unique purpose, and are tired of pretending you’re fine, hiding your feelings, reading self help books, taking courses, and feeling ashamed about how you feel.


Called to Confidence™

A complete faith-based confidence, and self-worth strategy to get real results without years of frustration and faking it for faith-based women who struggle with insecurity, confidence, comparison, and believing they’re valuable.

Who want the confidence to believe in themself, for their mind to stop replaying disappointments and heart aches, to learn to value and trust themself — without needing to “be good enough to deserve love and good things”, and to finally rest in a Biblical solution. 

Imagine Yourself…

Imagine yourself taking control of your thoughts and experience more peace and hope. You begin thinking for yourself rather than against yourself and let go of fear and shame.You begin sensing your purpose and calling, and your faith is stronger. 

What if You could...

Called to Confidence™ helps you feel more confident, develop a healthy self-worth, stop living in insecurity and comparison, let go of past mistakes, and know you have a God given unique purpose by teaching you how to break up with past heartaches, lies, and the pain that keeps you trapped in your insecurities. It’s unlike any other course because I’ll teach you exactly what I did to heal from years of abuse, trauma and broken self worth issues.

what's inside the Program

8 learning modules to take you from hot mess to holy - heck yes!

Called To Confidence Program - Sharon Hughes

Module 1 : Stop Carrying The Past With You Like a Purse You Can't Put Down

Create a personal strategy for who you want to be, so that you can stop living in your past mistakes.

Module 2 : Create Confidence and a Healthy Self-worth

Let go of “I’ve always been this way” thinking

Module 3 : Understand Your Thoughts & Recognize Your Triggers

Learn how to think for yourself, rather than against yourself, so that you stop the cycle of reacting and regretting.

Module 4 : Breakup With Insecurity & Living In Comparison

Learn how to use the emotional monetary system so you can stop sweating the small stuff.

Module 5 : How To Make Values Based Decisions

Break the habit of people pleasing, so that you feel good about your decisions.

Module 6 : Breakup with Perfectionism & Live In Self Grace

Stop trying to be perfect and beating yourself up for every mistake so that you CAN feel calm, centered and peaceful.

Module 7 : What To Do When Your Life Doesn't Make Sense

How to handle fear, anger and disappointment in a healthy way that honors yourself and others.

Module 8 : Your Unique Purpose & Gifts

Discover why you were created & what God wants to do through you.

(Or 3 payments of $267)