• fall beckoning video

    This Isn’t Time For That

    I thought it would be a fun change of pace to send a video message to my newsletter subscribers and it was so fun to make that I decided to post it here also. Click the image to watch or click HERE   The topic picks up in the middle of a conversation about how Fall and […]


  • show your confidence

    Why You Need to Shine

    Let’s talk about why you need to shine no matter what.I want to share what happened to me the other day, maybe this will speak to your heart and help you continue to shine brighter.We all have something amazing to bring to the table, we are clearly wired differently BUT, we don’t always see that […]


  • brave woman talking honestly

    Bravely Honest

    Dare To Be Bravely Honest I was texting someone the other day and I decided to be Bravely Honest. Sounds risky doesn’t it? Yeah, it is. I was brave enough to be honest with myself and the receiver of the message whom I don’t know well. It was really a “thinking out loud, here it goes, […]


  • change your mindset change your life

    The Freedom Strategy for An Awesome Life

    What is The Freedom Strategy? The Freedom Strategy is based on your power of choice to create a strategy to live the life you want, how you want. It occurred to me this morning that the freedom we experience every day by living in a democracy is huge, but many of us don’t have a […]