• How to exhibit at the wholesale buyers market

    How to exhibit at the wholesale buyer’s market.

    Want to know how to exhibit at the wholesale buyer’s market? Its easier than you think! I will share everything I’ve learned about how to exhibit at the wholesale buyer’s market (Home & Gift shows) during the Sparkle Conference.  Having your own wholesale product line is super exciting and getting it in front of buyers is […]


  • Where's your blindspot?

    Where’s Your Blindspot?

    Where’s Your Blindspot? In life and in business we all have a blindspot. You know, those places we just can’t see clearly. I’ve wondered why we don’t come equipped with side mirrors just like cars! In this post I want to unpack a few things that can be learned from rearview mirrors, where we look […]


  • JJckie Torres at Sparkle Conference

    Meet Jickie Torres at the Sparkle Conference

    Meet Jickie Torres at the Sparkle Conference. Meet Jickie Torres Editor of Cottages & Bungalows Magazine at the Sparkle Conference Friday, April 29th. I’m thrilled to have her back for an exclusive interview. If you need press for your product and want to know how to pitch your product or idea to magazine editors, this […]


  • Sparkle Speaker lineup

    SPARKLE Conference Speaker Panel

      Here is the amazing Sparkle Conference speaker panel! Registration is HERE Jickie Torres Editorial Director at Engaged Media and Editor of Cottages & Bungalows Magazine. Jickie has been in the magazine business for years and will share what editors look for when considering content, products to feature and  product placement for publication. If you want […]