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This is what building a foundation of faith based confidence
through personal development will do for you:

Gain the confidence you need to create the life you want!

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Imagine how you'd feel if...

You're not alone!

A lack of confidence may be holding you back from speaking up and pursuing opportunities, but low self esteem can hold you back from feeling good about yourself, your abilities and even affect your relationships. 

You might be surprised to know that even people that appear successful can struggle with a lack of confidence or a low self worth in some areas of their lives.

It all starts with making the decision to be purposeful and focused on developing yourself. You are your greatest asset and you deserve to feel confident and good about yourself.

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Sharon continues to bring it!! I am so grateful for this opportunity, it couldn’t come at the most divine timing! Without a doubt, you can her hear conviction through the computer screen, seriously worth it you guys!
Marcie S.

Gain the confidence you need to live the life you want

Investing in your personal development and growth has the greatest return!

What's inside Confidence Academy?

Your success path

5 stages comp

I’ll take you through the 5 core steps to master your mindset, improve communication, your relationships and grow your faith which leads to a more confident you!

Monthly Live Training

Confidence Academy

Every month I deliver 2 hours of live training and coaching. We cover a different topic of personal development each month and have a faith based bonus chat. You also have unlimited access to all content in the membership portal.

Your Community

Join our private Facebook community of like minded people that are focused on personal development, emotional intelligence and building their faith. Community is a key component of your success.


Annual Membership +1 Bonus

Annual 1 year membership to Confidence Academy + Bonus ticket to Transformed 2021 January 10th (live on zoom)

Instant access to training library

 $192 – 2 payments of $96. (value of $419)

Annual Membership + 2 Bonuses

Annual 1 year membership to Confidence Academy + Bonus ticket to Transformed 2021 January 10th (live on zoom) + Private 45 minutes session. 

Instant access to training library

When you pay in full – 1 payment of $192. (value of $474)

Monthly Subscription

Join Confidence Academy monthly subscription for only $32 per month. No contracts. 

Transformed 2021

Transformed 2021 is a live workshop to create a fresh vision for your life and 2021. You’ll understand in spite of the disappointments of 2020, God has created you for a purpose and your identity is not in the past. You have unique strengths and no matter what you’ve been through, He wants you to know you are loved, you matter and he wants to use you.

 Sunday, January 10th 1-4pm PST  $35


Hi, I'm Sharon!

I’m the author of the best selling book, The Girl In The Garage: 3 Steps to Letting Go of Your Past, a POST Certified Chaplain, and an Identity Coach.

Over the last decade I’ve held a dozen entrepreneurial events and worked in corporate training helping others reach their goals. Through Confidence Academy, I’m able to bring what works right to you!  

I understand the struggles that are caused by a lack of confidence and this membership is your roadmap to feeling more confident.

If you’re wondering if this is the right place for you, I want you to know I’m committed to your success and would love for you to be a part of Confidence Academy. 

What if you really could feel
more confident?

Imagine how you would feel, talk and act if you felt more confident. What if you really could grow your confidence? The good news is you can! Confidence is like a muscle, it needs to be trained and I’m going to show you how to train it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if personal development will work for me? Personal development works for anyone willing to invest the time in themselves.  

The course is “faith based”, what does that mean? 
In some of the trainings there will be biblical references to what the Bible says about who you are. There will be times that bonus content with more Biblical teaching is available. Everyone is welcome regardless of whether you practice a faith or not, and this is a judgment free zone.

How long does the subscription last?
Confidence Academy is a monthly subscription, just like paying for Netflix or a gym membership but with no binding contracts so there’s no risks. 

What if I can’t attend the training live? All trainings are recorded and you’ll have access to them in your membership portal.  

Are refunds available? Refunds for the subscription are not available at this time. Please reach out to me if you have questions 

You are your greatest asset, invest in YOU!