Welcome to the New Year series, “Create the Life You Love”. 

I love this time of year and thought we should start with a fresh plan for what you want your life to look like. So, let’s dive in! The truth is, there is no magic formula for creating the life you love, it takes hard work. However, there are specific steps that will help you create that life. I’ll break it down for you in 7 easy steps. You can click on the graphic to enlarge it for easier reading or click createyourlifegraphic for a printable. Step 1: Awareness. This is where you realize you want more out of life or you have dreams and goals you’ve never put into action and reached. Step 2: Set your goal and gather information. For example; what do you need to know to put that goal in motion? If you wanted to open a bakery you would need to research how to get a health permit, retail locations, supplies, etc. Step 3: Create your timeline. Using the bakery as our model, when do you want to be open for business? What small steps need to be taken to make that happen? Step 4: Create your strategy. Sometimes working backwards helps bring it into focus. This is the part that gets really fun. Visualize the end result in vivd detail. Write everything about the end result down that you can think of. What needs to happen to be ready to open? What timelines can you change if needed as you move forward? Step 5: Monitor your progress. The small steps you created in step 3 come into play here. Monitor those steps to see your progress and mark them off your list(celebrate those small steps). This is how you know you are on track! Step 6: Recalibrate your strategy. Here’s where you step back from your goal and ask the hard questions; What is working and what is not working? Rework what is not working for you. Stick with what is! No matter what you do, you have to pay close attention to the results you’re getting and constantly rework what isn’t working to attain the end result you want. There’s no such thing as failure, this is all information gathering so you can make adjustments. Step 7: You’ve met your goal! Celebrate…and to continue your success; rinse and repeat!

Create the life you love in 7 steps

Stay tuned for Part 2 of “Create The Life You Love”. In the meantime share what you’ll be implementing in the comments below and consider sharing this post on social media.

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