Ep.010 Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks with Trevor Tyson

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear another story of someone struggling with anxiety, fear and panic attacks. In this episode I sit down with Trevor Tyson of Trevor Talks. He is an advocate for mental health healing and awareness.

He launched a speaking career as a teenager, appearing on very large stages alongside Christian rock bands when he was struck with anxiety and panic attacks leaving him unable to appear on stage.

This is his brave story of bringing mental health awareness to a generation that is overwhelmed by comparison, fitting in and is being enough just enough.

This is an except from his blog that reveals the staggering statistics for those suffering from anxiety:

“Over 18% of the United States population struggle with anxiety… That’s over 40,000,000 people that have spoken up and are struggling with anxiety.

That’s 40 million people that are struggling in the United States alone! You are not alone and don’t have to walk through this alone. Someone out there wants to listen and walk through this with you. Whether it is a colleague, friend, family member or therapist- TELL SOMEONE!

Let’s be genuine and fight for ways to help people seek treatment and fight the stigma against mental health.

People need to feel appreciated and loved at all times and what better way to feel loved and appreciated than to know that you aren’t alone… that you have a support system and people with you that love and appreciate you. Use your voice and answer the call. YOU are needed. Your voice is needed and YOU can help save lives.”

Want to learn more about what causes these types of attacks and how you can overcome them?  You can connect with Trevor Tyson here:

Find more info on his website: Trevor K. Tyson

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