Ep.011 Identifying the Season of Your Spiritual Journey
with Greg Curtis

Have you ever wondered where you are in your spiritual journey, or went through a difficult time and wondered when it would ever end?

On this podcast episode, I’m joined by my spiritual mentor, Pastor Greg Curtis for a candid conversation about how his life changed in 1995 when he lost his marriage and realized he had to come to terms with his own brokenness.{spoiler alert, it works out in the end}

You will find we reference the seasons; Winter, Spring Summer and Fall as the example of how to determine where you are in your spiritual journey and how you can apply that principle to your entrepreneurial and leadership development as well. 

Greg also unpacks an interesting program he developed using the Sherpa model. Yes we’re all climbing mountains in this life, so let’s get to the top! 

Key questions we discuss:

  • Does ignoring the pain, shorten the time of the struggle?
  • How can we use the idea of preparing, planting, tending and harvesting in our businesses or leadership?
  • What is a Sherpa, and how can that model be used in leadership?

Want to learn more from Greg? Connect with Greg Curtis here:

Find out more on his website: Gregcurtis-assimilation.com