Ep.014 Living Intentionally with Thane Ringler

If you’ve ever wondered how to change your life and get to the next level, my guest is bringing it for you in this episode of Living a Limitless Life ! We dive into how to live an intentional life and how to find your own personal grit factor. You’re going to love this candid conversation I have with development coach and former PGA Pro Thane Ringler.

Thane shares his insights from his time spent on the green, how his values have shaped his success personally and professionally and how they kept him grounded.  You will learn how his own grit factor is tied to his personal drive and gratitude practice.

My favorite takeaways from this podcast episode with Thane:

  • Taking ownership of your actions is the harder path
  • Self acceptance and accepting your individual strengths
  • His personal cornerstone habits
  • How grit is a part of his gratitude and drive
  • Being faithful with what you have, where you are in life instead of comparing to what you don’t have

Want to know more about Thane Ringler?  Grab his book, “From Here To There: A Quarter Life Perspective On The Path To Mastery”

To connect with Thane:

Visit his website here: ThaneMarcus.com

Find him on Instagram: @thanemarcus