Ep.015 Creating A Life After Loss With Cherie Rickard


Imagine getting the phone call no parent wants to ever receive let alone answer. Your child has been in a serious accident and lost his life. That was the devastating call my guest, grief coach Cherie Rickard, received one day and to make matters even worse, she was 2,000 miles away from her son.

Cherie joins me for a candid conversation on grieving, picking up the pieces, and how she found joy again after losing her son. There’s no fluff in this interview.  Cherie shares the raw, real story of what her life was really like and how she pulled herself out of a bed of depression and now helps others walk through the journey of grief and create a life after loss.

Some of Cherie’s takeaways in this episode include:

  • How to Get Out of Bed after Depression Hits
  • What Healthy Grief Is
  • How Long Grief Lasts
  • What NOT to do After You’ve Lost a Loved One
  • Where to Find Help in Processing Your Grief

Want to learn more about Cherie Rickard and her journey?  Connect with Cherie here:


Instagram: @empowermentisbeauty

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Cherie’s best selling books

Places to find support:

Compassionate Friends 

The Grief Toolbox 


This episode is dedicated to everyone that’s lost an angel in their lives. You’re not forgotten.