Ep.016 Taking Control of Your Health and Mind With AD Dolphin

Are you ready to take control of your health and create a winning mindset? Do you want to kick the sugar addiction once and for all? AD Dolphin, celebrity health and wellness coach, and CEO of DHerbs Inc. is sharing how to get your mindset right to be successful in all areas of your life, especially taking control of your health.

You may know AD as the health and wellness coach that appears regularly on the Steve Harvey show. He’s helped Steve and thousands of others shed unwanted pounds and create healthy eating habits leading to more energy and a clear mind. 

My favorite point AD made is “how to keep going regardless of setbacks“.

AD also shared the advice he’d give to his 20 year old self!

Some of the great takeaways from AD are:

  • How he kicked the sugar habit once and for all
  • How to prevent and reverse diet related illnesses
  • The mindset you need to make healthy choices
  • Learn how to say no
  • Why it’s important to listen to your body
  • Learn how to practice success
  • View your body as a whole.


Want to connect with AD? You can contact him via the below:


Instagram: @ADDolphin

Facebook: Dherbs

Watch him on Steve Harvey’s Show

I’ll be taking AD’s 20 day cleanse, so follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see my progress. Instagram: @sharonhugheslyc

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