Ep.023 What Would A Great You Look Like with Cy Wakeman

Have you ever thought about what you could be like if you were truly great? Maybe not since you were 7 years old and wearing a superhero costume, but that is all about to change. What would you be like if you were truly operating at your greatest you? In this podcast interview, Cy Wakeman a drama researcher, author, TedX Speaker, Podcaster and CEO of Reality Based Leadership will walk us through how to ask the hard questions so we can truly be our greatest selves.

Key takeaways from this podcast episode:

  • The snake story that changed Cy’s life
  • How to stop getting stuck in life and in your story
  • The 3 questions that will be bound to change your life
  • How to take your power of co-creation seriously
  • Why staying curious can up-level your relationships
  • How to stay in joy or leave in peace

And thats just the tip of the iceberg! Cy shares stories that are so relatable you’ll be able to implement her strategies immediately.

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