Ep.025 How To Be An Effective Leader with Greg Layton

If you’ve ever struggled with your role as a leader, my guest has you covered. Greg Layton of The Chief Maker Podcast has coached high level leaders all over the globe including Target, Commonwealth Bank, CIMIC, and Sydney Water to name a few. 


Greg believes you don’t have to sell your soul to become a CEO. In fact, the future chiefs will be those that are very well connected to their mission. 

Greg says you can be bulletproof, and he shares how! He also believes it’s a leader’s responsibility to perfect his or her craft and breaks down the GREAT Method:

  1. Game plan
  2. Routines – habits
  3. Entourage – network/peers
  4. Assets – skills, tech, tactile
  5. Track record

According to Greg, great chiefs never accept the status quo. 

Favorite takeaways include:

  • How to stay in a reflective state
  • The dip everyone goes through
  • How to create a safe space for your team to learn and fail
  • Determining high risk and low capability
  • How he created The Chief Maker

Want to connect with Greg?  Find him here:

His website: Chiefmaker.com.au

Listen to his podcast: Chief Maker Podcast

Grab the book: The Chief Maker

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