Ep.030 Masculinity and Embracing The Inner Warrior with Keyen Lage

It’s football season and this episode with Keyen Lage of the Kansas City Chiefs is gonna rock the gladiator sport and how you view masculinity. Football fans, you’re going to love this, guys- you absolutely need to hear this, and ladies you’re going to learn things you didn’t know about the men you love.

Keyen Lage spent his life dreaming of playing football and when he made it to the NFL playing for the Kansas City Chiefs as a linebacker his dreams were shattered. Keyen turned everything around and is using what he spent his life focusing on to help others become healthy and learn to listen to their hearts, bodies and souls.

In this no holding back conversation Keyen shares:

  • Understanding the heart of a man
  • Embracing your inner warrior and leading with your heart
  • How we can fall into pursuing something because it’s what brings love
  • How men are taught that its ok to express anger but not other emotions and why that’s dangerous
  • How he went from 6’3 and 245lbs. to a lean 195lbs. and took his health back
  • Why it’s important to listen to your body

Connect with Keyen:

IG: @Keyen.Lage

Facebook: TheKeynnection 

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Biology of Beliefs by Bruce Lipton