How to find your why, the driving force you need to make the changes that will change your life.

Do you ever wonder why some people are so successful and it looks so easy? I’m going to let you in on a secret, are you ready? It has a lot to do with your why and your natural abilities. Your why is your driving force, there’s no doubt about it. It’s the thing that will keep you going when you hit obstacles. Your natural abilities make this a lot easier than you might think. Here’s what I mean. My sister is an artist, she paints amazing water color and oil paintings and has won a few ribbons from entering her works at the county fair. I on the other hand draw stick figures and paint by number. I couldn’t paint something worth hanging on a wall to save my life. My sister is reserved and modest; she knows she’s a good artist but would never dream of really putting her work out there until I, who can talk to anyone, anywhere saw an opportunity and grabbed it. This is a true and really cool story about what happens when you put yourself out there, when your why meets your natural ability!

Why+Natural Ability=Success

Three years ago I visited my sister in Reno. We took an adventure to Tahoe for shopping and site seeing. We stopped in a gallery and both fell in love with Alexander Volkov’s work. I bought a giclee and scheduled to pick it up when he would be at the gallery and could sign it for me. It was incredibly exciting to meet a world renown artist and Alexander was kind and humble. He was an artist’s artist to say the least. After making small talk with us he signed my new prize and went on mingling with other guests when my brain went crazy! I knew I wanted Deb to be inspired to continue her artistic journey so I approached Alexander and showed him the picture of Deb’s work on my phone. His face lit up, “who painted this” he asked! Of course his reaction thrilled me and I was so excited to say my sister! I asked him if he would encourage her to continue, he did far more than that!
Deb's work
Deb’s original work.

He followed me through the gallery looking for her, carrying my phone full of excitement like he had won something! Not only did he encourage my sister to continue her art, he asked to see more. He asked her to prepare more work to show him when he was back in town. This was a dream come true!

Deb & Alexander

The beauty of when why meets natural ability

To sum this up Deb painted simply because she could and it was her natural ability and expression of life around her. My why and ability is different than hers, yours and everyone else’s. My why is that I love encouraging others to do what they are called to do. My ability is that I can put myself out there and take risks, and talk to people. In this scenario my why was to see Deb’s dreams and talents go to the next level. In just a few years Deb has been commissioned to paint several pieces and has sold several of her pieces in local galleries. My why changed Deb’s life, her why changed the lives of the people that commission her. Alexander’s why…well I didn’t ask him, but I think it’s because he knew the value of pouring into others and instilling the confidence to continue on the journey. I am forever grateful that everyday people like you, me, Deb and Alexander change the world for the better!

The take aways:

  • Find your why, this is crucial.
  • Your why will change the course of your life.
  • Leverage you natural abilities.
  • Grow the abilities that come naturally to you. Don’t focus on what you fight to learn, that’s just painful.
  • Follow your passions, use your gifts to change the world around you even if it’s for just one person, it’s worth it.
  • Start now, not tomorrow, not next week or when things settle down. It will never happen if you keep waiting.


This was an epic day with Alexander Volkov!
This was an epic day with Alexander Volkov!