5 ways to un-hurry

How to identify "hurry-sickness" and what to do about it

It’s Hurry sickness season, are you immune?
The holidays are coming with the endless to do list, followed by the new year and the resolution madness. Does the mere mention of that send you spinning? Ok, let’s take a breath here…and hit the reset button on your soul. 

I’m going to give you a strategy to avoid “hurry sickness”! 

What is “hurry sickness”? 

It shows up like this:
-worry & stress
-talk fast
-eat fast
-walk fast
-snapping at your loved ones
-endless hustle 
-poor sleep

This is no way to live! If you’re doing this you’re going to burn out quick and we don’t want that!
Here’s a strategy:
1. (Most important) Take time each day to be still. Even if you get up 10 minutes early in the morning and have coffee before the rest of the house wakes up. Here’s the key- no social media, tv or music. Just be still for 10 minutes. 

2. Learn to say no thank you. Don’t let the world of pressure to do it all squeeze you into getting its way. Please don’t buy FOMO- fear of missing out. You’ll have buyers remorse. 

3. Take time to plan your week/month ahead of time. Prioritize what tasks/events/gatherings are most important and add the extras after but only if “it feels good to do so”. If anything gives you that “ugh” feeling in the pit of your stomach, politely decline. 

4. Write 1 thing down each day that went well or felt good to your soul. Take a moment to think about it and express gratitude for it. 

5. Talk yourself off the proverbial wall. This can be harder and takes some discipline- but practicing positive self talk when you start feeling stressed or fatigued really does help. 

6. Buy a new lipstick! I know what you’re thinking but you’ll feel pretty and everything is easier to deal with when you feel pretty! 

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