The other day I walked outside and saw an egg on the ground that had fallen from its nest. I was immediately sad for the mamma bird and the word, “opportunity” popped into my head followed by “lost”. I stood over the broken egg and thought there’s a lost opportunity…..and my mind shifted to all the lost opportunities we face daily as parents, friends, business owners, spouses, athletes, artists, and authors. And then HOPE raced through with a complete mind shift.

Hope: The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best

As I think about hope of course I tie in dreams, I truly believe hope is very close friends with dreams. In fact the best of friends. Life will always give us challenges and disappointments (Ive had many that I will share with you here) but Ive come to realize even the very biggest, hardest disappointment has shaped me into who I am. And somehow and I certainly don’t profess for a minute to know how, it works out in the end. And that my dear friend is the hope I have to hang on to ever so tightly…because the end hasn’t come yet!

It is my hope and dream that you will find Launch Your Creativity to be a place that encourages you to dream always, hope boldly and pursue every opportunity presented to you.