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In this episode Tim Cooper, a recovery coach, author of The Art of Unlearning and the founder of Tim Cooper Academy shares his philosophy of a successful life. His premise is simple, “A successful life is not built on your ability to add but your ability to remove”. And remove he has!

When he found himself on the brink of no return and ready to end end it all, he had a pivotal moment that changed the trajectory of his life. He shares the intimate and raw details of taking off the mask of masculinity and his path of discovering who he really is. Now Tim shares his story and the lessons he’s learned to help others find meaning and create the life they want.

I’m truly honored to share Tim’s story with you.

Here’s a bit about Tim from his bio:

Tim Cooper is an author, speaker and a specialist in life recovery coaching. In his book “The Art of Unlearning”, Tim teaches that no matter what kind of whole you are in, no matter how bleak the future looks, you can get out and find a life worth living. Trust him, he’s done it himself. His podcast “The Tim Cooper Academy Podcast” debuted on iTunes in June 2018, and his new YouTube show, “The Art of Unlearning”, is set to take the channel by storm. Over 60,000 people see his posts on Instagram every week. He has been hailed as “one of the most authentic, genuine and relatable coaches in the market today, transforming the lives of thousands of people and has been featured in The London Metro, The Guardian and Women’s Health Magazine. Tim’s philosophy is – “You can never live a life of total fulfillment until you shift your focus to contributing beyond yourself.”

In Tim’s eyes there is no greater gift than investing in yourself.


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