changing your mindset

What is The Freedom Strategy?

The Freedom Strategy is based on your power of choice to create a strategy to live the life you want, how you want. It occurred to me this morning that the freedom we experience every day by living in a democracy is huge, but many of us don’t have a freedom strategy for our lives and we aren’t living in a “freedom” mindset. Instead we drift along and life just “happens” to us. It’s easy to find yourself in this place, I’ve been there too. When I realized I didn’t have to stay in a place of drifting or feeling stuck is when things started to change for me. Depending on where you are and what you want, you can see changes immediately. Go Here for the Freedom Strategy freebie

Taking time to examine your life and decide what’s working and what’s not is key to your growth and creating a life that you really love. I personally have had times where I felt like my life was spinning out of control and it’s those times that I was caught drifting through life without a plan. {honestly, most people have been here}

Why do I need The Freedom Strategy?

Have you become comfortable with the fact your life isn’t what you want it to be? Do you feel like a hamster on the wheel caught in a cycle of the same thing day in and day out? Maybe you feel like the things you want are out of reach, or you’ve put your dreams on the shelf? If that sounds like you even a little, you should grab the Freedom Strategy.

You have the freedom to change your life, but you might not be clear on how to do that. The Freedom Strategy planner is really easy and only a few pages long. All you need to do is commit to yourself and jump in. There’s no right or wrong answers because this is about how you want your life to be. 

What can I expect from The Freedom Strategy?

What you’ll find is a short workbook with questions to get your wheels turning and thinking about your thought life, relationships and business or dream business. It will guide you through what to “choose” for yourself to create your own Freedom Strategy. The main reason we get stuck in life is because we don’t foster a mindset of growth. So how do you change that? It’s easy but hard at the same time. It’s easy to make the decisions and decide what to change but it’s hard to implement and stick to it. You have to do a lot of talking yourself through it. It takes digging deep and being committed to what you want for yourself. 

By implementing the Freedom Strategy, you’ll start a practice in mindfulness and aligning yourself to the results you want. I have put this into practice and it really works. I find myself saying,”does this align with what I want” or “does this serve me well”?

Another benefit of creating a freedom strategy for your life is you’ll feel calmer, more centered and breathe more gratitude in and that’s a really good thing! Shifting your mind to think on all the good things you have, and what you can do, rather than what you think you can’t will take you to the next level. Who doesn’t want more calm and a feeling of being centered? 

I’d love to hear how The Freedom Strategy helps you create a clear path to what you want.