The true story of radical healing
by a radical God

The girl in the garage

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Paris In A Cup Tea Salon in Orange, California

Join me for an informal gathering, author chat, and book signing.
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The Girl in the Garage Book

What if you're not who you think you are?

What if you let go of the lies you’ve believed, broke up with your past, and let go of the shame that’s held you prisoner in your own life for good? Who would you be? Who could you be? 

In the Girl In The Garage, Sharon Hughes shares her personal story of overcoming years of abuse that came to a head when at 16 years old, she was drugged at a Halloween party and woke up in a garage seven hours later. Her story is one of radical healing by a radical God that called her to a new identity and a new destiny. 

If you’ve struggled with brokenness, shame, trauma and self worth issues, this book will walk you through the core steps you need to get a breakthrough while experiencing God’s radical healing.

Praise for The Girl In The Garage

"So many people struggle with pain from the past.When the body experiences pain, whether it's a cut or a bruise, the body automatically goes to work to repair itself. This isn't the case with emotional and spiritual wounds. You could have experienced emotional/spiritual trauma 20 years ago and the pain from that experience can hurt just as bad or even worse today.  Healing is possible...but it has to be intentional. Sharon has done a lot of internal work on her spirit and emotions by reflecting on her past and looking through a lens of redemption. I think your book will help others realize that healing is possible. Growth is possible. Change is possible.This story will bring hope to those who are hurting."
“Sharon’s story is genuine, transparent, and honest. Her story reflects what others are experiencing, are afraid to tell, or are unable to tell. She gives hope that someone does understand, comfort that you are not alone, and courage that you can move past your fears and brokenness to experience healing.”
“In our society today, there’s a large disconnect with the way individuals seek emotional support whether that be through therapy, counseling, church, groups, etc. There is a stigma with seeking help for the burdens and emotional warfare that wage against us, and the only true remedy is the Lord setting us free. Sharon’s story is a true testament that you can learn from and see first-hand that you don’t have to live in shame.  That life can be full and rich if you live outside the garage!” - Marcie Stoddard, Chief Storyteller, Communications Consultan
Marcie Stoddard
Chief Storyteller, Communications Consultant

The official launch is January 2020

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No matter what you believe about yourself, God, or your future, after reading this book you won’t be the same. You’ll understand why:

  • You or a loved one has been stuck in the same patterns over and over
  • Why some people can’t change
  • Why many people turn to addictions
  • How to break free
  • How to love yourself
  • How to have compassion for the messy people in your life

This is the book I wish I had 35 years ago! 

– Sharon Hughes

Sharon Hughes

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