Have you ever been dead sure about something only to fast forward in time a few days, weeks or years to discover you were dead wrong? My hand is up. It’s humbling, hard, painful and sometimes heartbreaking depending on the scenario. {no the lion isn’t dead}
What if you were dead wrong about yourself and what your purpose in life is? Stay with me, no eye rolling in protest. You’ve read the words I write for some time, trust me with this. 
I went to the L.A. Zoo and botanical garden yesterday. I was a child filled with wide eyed wonder for five hours. I looked at the beauty of every animal; the stripes on the zebras, the spots on the snow leopards,  the crazy long necks and purple tongues on the giraffes. It was all captivating. And that sleeping lion, he opened his eyes once and I swear he winked at me. {I fully expected him to sit up and talk to me like Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia. He didn’t, but I still fell in love with him}. And then there was the breathtaking flowers and fauna at every turn. Every perfectly painted petal and leaf…
You were created for something amazing
When I started LYC I truly believed in the depths of my heart that everyone has a purpose, is created for something more than we know and I still believe that. For two decades before I started LYC I kept telling myself  that it was true for you, but not for me. I was dead wrong. It was hard getting to the place of accepting that truth for myself. Many women just like you and I have shared with me they see creativity and purpose in others but not themselves. Does this sound like you? 
Why is it we have a limited view of our own creativity and purpose? One of many reasons is when your world turns upside down. Has your world turned upside down lately, or are you waiting for what seems like forever? When things turn upside down we ask the big hard questions. And we wait for answers. And we wait some more. And we doubt, and our hearts ache and sometimes we give up. We wonder if we heard the message right? Clearly we must be mistaken because here we are waiting and we’ve got zip. 
Don’t give up, whatever it is that you’re hoping, dreaming and praying for. 
What I suggest that you are dead wrong about, is that voice that tries to tell you to give up, that you don’t matter, that your idea is stupid, or that you’re not good enough for__________{fill in the blank}. 
But I’m not creative 
[bctt tweet=”Creativity does not behave rationally and therefore cannot be defined” username=”LYCdreams”]
No one on this earth gets to be the creativity queen and decide what or who is deemed creative and what is not. Thinking those thoughts will suck the creative juices and life right out of youI want to remind you that you are made for a purpose. You were created by the creator, in his image. You are meant to be creative through how you live your life. No matter what your talent is, it matters and is needed. Whether it’s cooking, writing, singing, serving, painting, or even problem solving! Don’t think for a minute problem solving doesn’t have creativity in it. Many Fortune 500 companies approach problem solving creatively and hire experts to consult with. 
The sleeping lion knows he’s meant to roar
I whisper a soft “meow” to you my friend. Go outside and roar, go into your kitchen and cook, go into your sewing room and create, go into your den and write, go show’em what you’ve got. You aren’t meant to sit on the sidelines of your life. You’re dead wrong if you think you are. 
“Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.”
                                                                                                       Colossians 3:23
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