what story are you telling yourself

And the burning question is, “what story are you telling yourself”?

Another way to say it is, “what’s your narrative”? You know that loop that plays in your head, aka self-talk. The funny thing about telling ourselves a story is the story we tell is not always true. No, I don’t mean that you’re literally lying… what I mean is the things that you say to yourself and believe about yourself, may not be true and may be holding you back from doing things you really love, or pursuing something new.     

Let’s break it down:

If you tell yourself that you can’t do something because of {insert limiting belief} such as I’m too_____, you’re telling yourself something that’s not true. Or if you say things like, “I’m not_______enough”. Both of these are beliefs that are based on a lack of confidence that typically stems from fear. I’ve had plenty of practice in this department and guess what I’ve found? We can change this! Do you want to know how? {Go HERE to learn about my FREE Creating Killer Confidence course}

Why does it matter what i believe

Why does it matter anyway?

As a result of not telling yourself the truth, untruths begin to take root in your mind and this my friend is what gets us stuck. This leads to a lack of confidence and can hurt our self esteem.

What’s the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem?

Self-confidence and self esteem are not the same thing although they are often linked together. 

  • Self-confidence is how we describe how we feel about our abilities to do things such as; tasks, projects, reaching goals, running a business.
  • Self -esteem is how we feel about ourselves such as; how we look, think, feel about our bodies, and if we feel loved or valued. 

For example, you can feel really good about yourself, image, and body {good healthy self-esteem} and not have the confidence to pursue you passion. On the flip side you could be driven and very confident in the boardroom {healthy self-confidence} and struggle with your body image causing low self-esteem. Many years ago I was a personal trainer and I saw this first hand. One of my clients told me she ran into people who hadn’t seen her in a while and they commented on how she stood up taller and seemed more confident and wanted to know what she had done! She was gaining both self-esteem and self-confidence by training with me. 

How can you change the story you’re telling yourself?