The “what if” part of my goal:

What if I go to a party and eat the whole cake? Don’t even sweat that. It’s totally ok, you’re not ruined and not destined for failure. I will confess I ate an entire 1lb. box of See’s candies(no regrets)! Since weight loss is our analogy, you need to schedule cheat days. Going cold turkey isn’t reasonable and sets you up for failure.

So how do you apply this to other areas? Recently I had a series of unexpected events and realized life isn’t perfect. Surprise, welcome to the party! Translation: life happens and wow we are so human and everyone around us is too. Again we need to have reasonable goals and expectations but we also need to give ourselves grace when we fall off the goal plan.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Here is how to review with yourself when you hit a bump in that goal road and believe me you will, its that thing called life.

  • How bad do I really want this?

  • Is my goal reasonable?

  • Can it be done in my time frame?

  • What could I have done differently to prevent hitting the bump?

  • Do I need help or support to accomplish my goal?

  • What is standing in my way?

Make sure you’re really honest with yourself when you answer those questions. If you’re hitting your snooze button when you should be working on your goal(I’m so guilty of this) you need to re-calibrate. This is where I had to say,”Self, what are you doing? Do you really want this? Are you willing to reevaluate and get back in the game?” If you answered yes, move to the next base. If you answered no, you’re on the bench. Next week we will talk about the bench and hitting the home run in part #3 of the series. If you missed part #1 go HERE.