girl holding sparkler

Let’s talk about why you need to shine no matter what.

I want to share what happened to me the other day, maybe this will speak to your heart and help you continue to shine brighter.

We all have something amazing to bring to the table, we are clearly wired differently BUT, we don’t always see that and embrace it. And unfortunately some people who haven’t discovered that they are unique, special and amazing too {those who are threatened by other’s uniqueness} have a need to keep us from shining.

I had an encounter with such a person, it took me by surprise. For a moment I thought I should shrink back, not rock the boat, be small so she feels good and then my inner voice said, “Don’t own her behavior” and I’m glad I listened. It doesn’t feel good to shrink because of someone else’s insecurities and fears. 

I’m sure we’ve all heard this advice before, but when we are able to really see it for what it is, it empowers us to be who we are meant to be. You and I being small and not shining does not serve anyone well. Not only does it rob us of joy, it holds back our ability to bless others by sharing our uniqueness.

For example, let’s say you are an amazing cake decorator and your neighbor who struggles to get frosting into a piping bag, makes comments to you about your abilities and how “she’s not bringing a cake the the neighborhood party because no one will eat hers because it’s not as pretty as yours”.  What to do?  This is actually passive aggressive behavior on the neighbor’s part. It sounds like she wants attention and she wants you to back down. If you don’t bring a cake, will she really feel better? Maybe, maybe not.

There are several ways you could respond to this:

  1. Ignore her
  2. Offer to give her a few cake decorating tips
  3. Don’t bring a cake and wait for the “where’s your cake” comments

I’m just kidding here, but #1 does have its merits…should you really have to reply to someone else’s attack? Is silence the higher road? Maybe, maybe not. This can be tricky and quite honestly we shouldn’t even need to be talking about this! However, we are and it’s best to be as calm and polite as possible so please bring your cake 🙂

Everyone deserves to shine

Aren’t we all capable of shining brightly and celebrating each other? Why is there an unspoken competition?

I challenge you to NOT shrink because of someone else’s insecurities and fears. When we stand outside in the bright sunshine, it shines on all of us equally.


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