What if You're not who you think you are?

Do you or someone you love struggle with self-worth issues due to physical, emotional, spiritual, or sexual abuse?

I understand, I’ve been there too, and I’m 99% sure you struggle because you believe something about yourself that isn’t true. In my book, I’ll show you how believing things about yourself that aren’t true keeps you stuck in insecurity and brokenness.

You’re simply not who you think you are, and probably not who you’ve been told you are!

This book will change everything you believe about yourself. 

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The Girl In The Garage - Radical Healing By a Radical God - Sharon Hughes

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Six Reasons You Should Read 
The Girl in The Garage

Whatever you’ve been through, the core of this book is, “What are you believing about yourself and is it true?” You don’t have to go through abuse and trauma to find yourself believing lies about who you are, who you’re meant to be, and what you’re capable of.
The steps I outline will walk you through how to break-up with your past, lies you’ve believed, and the brokenness that has kept you a prisoner in your own life.

Meet the Author!

Sharon’s story of overcoming nearly two decades of abuse are attributed to the grace of God and the hard messy work of fighting her way out of broken beliefs and thought patterns. She’s a passionate communicator and the go-to girl when it comes to creating confidence, letting go of the past, and breaking up with low self worth. 

She is the founder of Confidence Academy, the host of Called to Confidence Podcast, a certified Life Coach, Critical Incident Stress Debriefer/Manager and a POST certified Chaplain.

She has won two awards for her work in The Girl In The Garage: 3 Steps To Letting Go Of Your Past.

Books Shelf Nonfiction 1st Place

Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal, Christian Biblical Counseling

Praise for The Girl In The Garage

Cherie Rickard

Real Girl Talk Podcast, Author, Speaker

The Girl in the Garage had a huge impact on me as I read not only how the abuse continued for many years but how she never gave up hope. Even in the darkest of times in our lives when we want to give up and try to give up it’s the Holy Spirit that empowers us with strength that we don’t even realize exist. I would recommend this book to anyone who has struggled a traumatic experience or if you know anyone that has. You could be their saving grace.

Garrett Lowe

NextGen Pastor, Living Word Community Church

So many people struggle with pain from the past.When the body experiences pain, whether it’s a cut or a bruise, the body automatically goes to work to repair itself. This isn’t the case with emotional and spiritual wounds. You could have experienced emotional/spiritual trauma 20 years ago and the pain from that experience can hurt just as bad or even worse today.  Healing is possible…but it has to be intentional. Sharon has done a lot of internal work on her spirit and emotions by reflecting on her past and looking through a lens of redemption. I think your book will help others realize that healing is possible. Growth is possible. Change is possible.This story will bring hope to those who are hurting.

Marcie Stoddard

Communications Consultant

In our society today, there’s a large disconnect with the way individuals seek emotional support whether that be through therapy, counseling, church, groups, etc. There is a stigma with seeking help for the burdens and emotional warfare that wage against us, and the only true remedy is the Lord setting us free. Sharon’s story is a true testament that you can learn from and see first-hand that you don’t have to live in shame.  That life can be full and rich if you live outside the garage!

Bob Reish

Bob Reish, LLC

Sharon’s story is genuine, transparent, and honest. Her story reflects what others are experiencing, are afraid to tell, or are unable to tell. She gives hope that someone does understand, comfort that you are not alone, and courage that you can move past your fears and brokenness to experience healing.

K.C. Finn

Readers' Favorite

The Girl in the Garage is a work of non-fiction centering on Christian themes such as self-help and psychological healing through God and was penned by author Sharon Hughes. Subtitled ‘The True Story of Radical Healing By a Radical God’, this concise guidebook takes readers through the real-life traumatic experiences of its author Sharon Hughes, who suffered years of abuse which culminated in waking up in a garage after being drugged for hours, aged just sixteen years old. Hughes explains her connection with God and the healing that such faith has provided to her, expanding from her own experiences to show how anyone with a history of darkness in their past can be brought to God’s healing light. There are many different angles in the self-help genre when it comes to advice on recovering from abuse, and I found author Sharon Hughes’s voice to be heartfelt and compassionate on the topic. The details are neither grisly nor graphic but plainly stated and with a considerate narration that does not seek to shock or sensationalize her story. Moreover, the focus is on what followed on her journey to God, and the formation of her new identity is written with inspiring emotive narration and a true sense of hope. Hughes offers comfort and the promise of newness through her own experience, which is well organized to transition into its more general message of healing as the book goes on. Overall, The Girl in the Garage will definitely suit those seeking solace in God following trauma and is highly recommended to them.

Vincent Dublado

Readers' Favorite

Sharon Hughes’ diligent account of her harrowing experience of multiple sexual abuses is difficult to ignore. The Girl in the Garage aims at an audience stung by the horrors of violence against women. At a time when victims are coming out to voice a long-delayed justice they rightfully deserve, this book does not necessarily flow in the same vein. Rather, Hughes is a survivor finding strength in faith. She finds an ally in Christ and reaffirms the truth about faith moving mountains. Along with her path to healing, she gives her take on the questionable practices of ministering to the broken where counseling is often handled like a quick solution. Years of abuse have made the author stronger and wise. Stronger, because it takes strength to overcome such abusive ordeals, to stand up and face your fears. Wiser, because it takes even greater strength to mend a broken spirit and take heart at the thought of God as a confidante and source of hope. The Girl in the Garage is the tale of a survivor. Her familiarity with trauma from her first-account experience with sexual abuse lends authority to her disturbing past and inspiration to her thriving present. She succeeds in involving her readers by encouraging them to illuminate their paths.