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Called to Confidence

What if the only thing standing in the way of changing your life was having the confidence you need? I’ve found there’s three areas you need to be confident in, in order to succeed; your mind, your faith and your leadership. One or all three of these areas will always be in play.  I’m here to help you build your confidence!


Confidence Looks Good On You

Most people struggle with confidence, even the people that look uber successful. How do I know? Oh friend, it’s a long story, so listen in. These are the 3 areas I will be sharing with you:


What an extraordinary podcast

“Thank you Sharon for putting this platform together and making it available to us. Love this podcast…so thankful to have found it!”

– LivvyBrynn

Steve Verburg, President
Dale Carnegie Orange County, California
Steve Verburg - Dale Carnegie, Orange County, California
Dale Carnegie
Confidence Coach-Sharon Hughes

Hello, I'm Sharon

I’m the author of the best selling book, The Girl In The Garage: 3 Steps to Letting Go Of Your Past, founder of Confidence Academy, a Confidence expert, and Critical Incident Stress Debriefer. 

When I’m not coaching women, recording my show, or plotting my next book; you can find me gazing at a California sunset, petting every dog that crosses my path and eating obscene amounts of popcorn! I’m glad you’re here.


Authenticity Is Inspiring

“Sharon’s authentic spirit is only part of what makes these podcasts so inspirational. The interviews, the content, the flow of the conversation…all bring me to a higher level fo being and living. I’m excited to be part of Sharon’s biz & journey thru these and to invite her into my journey as well. She’s truly a leader of light and I’m so grateful she didn’t play small when it came to this!”

– Heather Regina

Listen To My Book

I’m reading my book, The Girl In The Garage: 3 Steps To Letting Go Of Your Past on the podcast starting at EP. 51!

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